Diverse Markets & Product Types

CGC Kymon adapts products for diverse markets from gear makers to machine shops, to end-use markets like power generation and mining.

So whether you need a forged shaft for a long haul mining truck, or a forged hub that meets AGMA for a gear application, we can help you. With our range of forge stock … flexible shapes and quantities … and value-added options from as-forged to rough machined and heat treated parts … CGC Kymon provides a single source for many different industry needs.

Some commonly forged part applications for the above markets include high integrity drive shafts, gear rims, pinions, couplings, sleeves, flanges, hubs, rams, cylinder rods, tube sheets, rudder stock and transmission components. Other applications include eye bolts, pins, pistons, drill bits and heads, rolls, retaining rings, tire rims and many more.

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